Our practice

Our practice

The clinic

Our clinic is located at Rhino Street in Windhoek North, and easily accessible. You can park your car right in front of the clinic. When you enter you will see the reception, a waiting room and a small shop. We have a wide variety of Hills pet food. Besides, we also have a selection of accessories, from brushes to leads and snacks for your pet.

As we have two separate consultation rooms, we are able to help you quickly. Here we will examine your animal, give health/nutritional advice, vaccinations and do minor treatments.

Although it is possible to walk in without an appointment during consultation hours, we do recommend you to make an appointment, as we then can assure you will be assisted with promptly.   



However stressful, surgery is sometimes necessary. We do all kinds of surgery, from spaying to complicated life-saving surgeries. For elective surgeries your pet must not eat 12h before surgery. He or she will be placed in one of our kennels, until it is time for surgery.  During aneasthetic we always have an assistant monitoring the vital signs of your pet. Once the surgery is done, your pet will be placed in one of our indoor kennels, where it can wake up with a blanket and hot water bottle. Our assistants are constantly monitoring your pet until he or she is fully awake. Depending on the type of surgery, your pet might need to stay overnight. Once he or she is ready to go home, we will give you personal advice on the do's and don’ts after the surgery.

Behind the scenes

In the back of the clinic we have all the necessary equipment to examine your pet more in detail. Some of the work we can do:

  • Analysing blood
  • Microscopic work
  • Ultrasound, cardiac ecosonography
  • X-Rays
  • Dental work
  • Basic and specialized surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Endo- and tracheoscopy
  • ECG
  • Infusion pump with syringe driver
  • Inhalant aneasthetic machine with ventilator

We have several kennels indoor and outdoor. In case your pet needs to stay overnight, we will provide it with good care. Our assistants are always present behind the scenes, and will have a close look at your pet.

For difficult orthopedic cases we have Dr Ulf Tubbesing on board, Dr Janine Ryan assists us with specialized eye cases.   

Big or small

In our many years of existence we have had a wide variety of patients. From tiny kittens to large cheetahs, big and small dogs, birds, rabbits, you name it! We are able to handle most cases. If not, we will make sure to refer you to another specialist. 

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54 Rhino Street

Windhoek North, Namibia

Reception:   +264 (0) 61 257 272

Emergency: +264 (0) 81 877 9708


We are happy to assist you during our consultation hours:

Monday - Friday:  07:00 to 11:30

           15:30 to 17:00

Saturday:               08:30 to 11:30

Sunday:                 Closed

After hours emergency on all days.